Uh, oh! Did your beloved piece break? No worries! Just fill out the form below. Each piece is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Once our specialist examines your request and determines we can repair or resize your jewelry, you will receive an email with further instructions.
Please be advised there is a $20 service fee per piece for resizing. The fee includes shipping. Please note we are unable to repair or resize jewelry purchased elsewhere.

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Jewelry Repair:

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Broken Earrings Broken Ring   Broken Brooch / Pin
Broken Pendant Broken Necklace / Chain Broken Bracelet / Bangle
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Jewelry Resizing:

Ring Bracelet Other

Other item to be resized (if not ring or bracelet)

Resize to length
To find your ring size, please don't use the computer screen cause different screen resolution and size can affect the results.
Click here and print "Ring Size Guide" for better reults.Then to submit ring request,click box next to mm.
13.21 mm 13.61 mm 14.05 mm 14.45 mm 14.86 mm 15.27 mm 15.70 mm 16.10 mm 16.51 mm
16.92 mm 17.35 mm 17.75 mm 18.59 mm 18.99 mm 19.84 mm
Resizing Notes 
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